Our Mission

NTT AD Group has been taking on various challenges in the midst of the digitalization of advertising, events and marketing. We have promoted digitalization of various events, smart initiatives, and also promoted the transformation of the business structure through new businesses, such as ICT x city planning marketing that combines location information and media like high-definition signage, SNS, and videos.
With the environment surrounding the NTT Group and the NTT Ad Group changing rapidly and dramatically, it is necessary to make the aforementioned efforts more powerful and accelerate.
NTT AD will contribute to the promotion of digital transformation and the realization of a smart world as the NTT Group's house agency. We will make full use of the know-how we have cultivated through our real advertising and events and the new knowledge in the digital field, and contribute to the customer's marketing business based on faster and bolder challenges.

Corporate Data

Corporate Name

NTT Advertising, Inc.

President & CEO

Akihiko Higashi

Date of Foundation

December 18, 1985

Head Office

1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0004

Paid-in Capital

100 million yen


NTT (100%)

Number of Employees

380 (As of April,2021)

Net Sales

65.4 billion yen (fiscal 2020)

Business Area

NTT Advertising, Inc. performs a full range of activities of marketing communication strategy including marketing, media planning and creative strategy planning to better serve and support clients’ business in every way.
In the marketing and advertising business areas, new services and innovative technologies using IoT, big data, AI, etc. are appearing one after another due to the advancement of digital technology.
NTT AD uses these technologies, and all sections work together to design the best communication plan that connects the clients and clients’ customers.

Business area diagram: This is a diagram showing the explanation of the above-mentioned NTT Advertising business area. Business area diagram: This is a diagram showing the explanation of the above-mentioned NTT Advertising business area.


NTT Advertising formulates marketing strategies for your products and services and designs effective communication programs that will inspire consumers to action in spite of B2B and B2C. We use our versatile research capabilities by using and analyzing real and digital data not just to grasp the bigger picture in terms of market trends but also to understand the details, such as consumers’ response to products, services and advertisement campaigns.
This helps us provide comprehensive consulting services and solutions in response to any issue your business may face.


NTT Advertising helps you establish a clear and well-defined brand identity so that your company, business, product or service can achieve its full growth potential through wider public recognition. We provide integrated PDCA-based brand management, including everything from formulating a brand strategy to activities promoting brand communication to stakeholders.


In the area of PR, NTT Advertising provides support with media report tone analysis, press conferences, and media response, helping you acquire a fan base among your customers.
In the area of AR, we provide support with creating strategic reports aimed at industry analysts, and in IR, we help you maximize your corporate value through information disclosure on your company website and general shareholder meetings. In all these fields, we are able to grasp market environment trends that affect your business and offer appropriate support to help you maximize the effectiveness of your communications.


NTT AD seeks to create value in new fields by a wide range of digital and global knowledge and alliance of partner companies based on art direction and copywriting skills.

  • (1) Expansion of new technology and knowledge by grasping market trend.
  • (2) With cloud sourcing and pioneering of a cooperation company with digital technology.
  • (3) Challenge to the expression field new using the creative power.


NTT AD is always the best to meet customer needs through total media planning, buying, and effect verification that integrates mass media and digital media in order to achieve the most efficient advertising message in the changing digital era. We have a lot of experience in overseas advertising, and we propose the best media according to customer needs. We are also developing new media such as digital signage for the digital age.

The times are moving greatly in anticipation of the evolution of digital transformation in society. NTT AD helps customers solve problems and increase profits by providing the latest and optimal digital media planning and promotion measures based on digital marketing and ad technology trends.


With the digital environment such as smartphones and SNS changing drastically, corporate marketing activities are required to further strengthen digital shifts. NTT AD will accurately grasp changes in the digital environment, such as 5G, which is scheduled to start in 2020, and support corporate “digitization of marketing”.
We will use ICT technology and digital tools to visualize customer insights through data driven, support the use of various digital data held by companies, and work on proposals for problem improvement through data analysis. We aim to be a collaborative partner in the digital domain to promote digital transformation for customers.